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Car Rental & Route Planning


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Car Rental/Car Leasing/Trip Planning
This page contains links to Car Rental Services, as well as Car Leasing in Germany. You will also find links to Route Planning, Maps, Travel Insurance, Driving in Austria, and much more. Rent your car below from Auto Europe, Kemwel, Expedia, Travelocity, etc...or lease a car from Kemwel.


1) Talk to your stateside Auto Insurance company about Auto Insurance about driving in Germany.

2) Make sure you Drivers License has at least a year left until it expires at the time of departure.

3) Plan you trip in advance, using Trip Planner, or Map Quest.

4) Make a copy of your Passport, and Driver's license and put them in your luggage for safe keeping.

5) Study a copy of the German Road signs and Road rules before leaving for Germany.

Rental Car Desires

Route Planning

MapQuest - MapQuest Tools include maps, driving directions, and road trip planner. Includes both North American and European countries.

Map Machine -- National Geographic

Falk Online - Route planning (In German). Can search for specific locations in & within a town.


Driving In Germany



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