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Traditions and Culture
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According to "Webster's Dictionary", Traditions are customs passed down from one generation to another. This being accepted practice of a community or people. The customary way that the German people do the events in their daily lives is interesting, not only to us, but to themselves.

Follow the links below to visit the traditions and culture of a proud German People.

Wedding Traditions

More Wedding Traditions

Special Wedding Traditions

*Junggesellenabschied - The equivalent of a "Bachelor Party" which takes place up to a few weeks before the wedding.

*The "Father of the Bride", which pays the cost of the wedding.

*The plate-breaking traditions of Polterabend, roughly translates as "ghost evening". The evening before the wedding, the guests go to the house of the bride, bringing plates, dishes, coffee/tea cups, and proceed to smash them at the door before entering. The pieces are supposed to each bring good luck, (don't bring Corelleware "unbreakable" plates, I did and learned a lesson). After smashing the plates, you are invited in for coffee and cake!

*Kidnapping of the Bride. As best man if was my responsibility to help kidnap the bride. This took place while we were at a pub. I actually his her there in the back of the pub, while the groom tried to guess where she was. When he couldn't, he had to buy a round for the bar, (needless to say, he was a bit embarrassed when he did not find her).

*Car Procession to and from the wedding, has the front ends of the vehicles covered in flowers.

*After the wedding, first the wedding pictures(usually in a picturesque garden), then the wedding dinner, which is filled with dancing, wine, schnapps and the dinner.

*The First Dance is "performed" by the new couple, followed by the in-laws.

*The Money Dance is performed after the first few dances and the guests give the couple money to dance with them.

Birthdays in Germany

Children's Birthdays in Germany

Christmas in Germany

Easter in Germany

Events Calendar

Funerals in Germany

Community Gardening

The German School System

Introductions and Meeting People

In Businesses and Restaurants

Meals and Eating

Traditions in Religion

Easter in Bavaria

St. Nicholas Day

Christmas in Bavaria



Corpus Christi

German Traditions in History

German Nobility

North Germanic Mythological Characters

Germanic Underworld

Henry IV - German King

German/American Societies & More

More German Traditions

German Idealism

German Genealogy

German Folkmusic

The German Way

Culture Shock!:

Passport Germany

Wicked German




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