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Berlin Flag

This is the flag of Berlin


At the centre of Europe again, Berlin represents the "the spirit of the times" of European history and politics. The capital of the reunited Germany, Berlin typifies the country that has been stitching itself together. The difference between the two halves is still very much apparent, although this is beginning to change as development continues a pace in what has become one of the world's largest building sites. What was once the backwater of two cities - the no-man's-land created by the Berlin Wall - is now to be the centre of the united city, marked by the new parliament buildings and a massive commercial development at Potsdamer Platz, which was on the front line during the Cold War. At the time, those in the West could mount a platform to see into East Berlin, and the Soviet authorities obliged by siting many of their most impressive buildings within view. The television tower and high-rises around Alexanderplatz were as much a propaganda tool for the East as the Europa-Center - with its gleaming Mercedes symbol, trumpeting the values of capitalism - was for the West.

Dividing these two visions was one of the century's most famous constructions: the Berlin Wall. Visitors in search of the Wall may be disappointed, however, as only traces of it remain. Transportation links that were broken for decades have been reconnected, Friedrichstrasse is undergoing a massive building boom of retail and office development, and whole neighbourhoods are being renovated and repainted, changing the monochrome face of the East. These changes are not always apparent in the people themselves, however, and there is still some friction in reuniting two peoples who followed such different paths for nearly half a century.

Berlin is stretched over a large area, extends over 889 square kilometers (you could basically put the areas of 5 paris within the area of Berlin) with lakes and forests covering the flat landscape. Its continental climate means that temperatures in excess of 30°C (86°F) occur during summer heatwaves, while winter sees periods of snow and frost.

The city is an amalgamation of former villages and cities each with its own town hall and marketplace. It achieved its present form after the 1920 reforms created Greater Berlin, as well as from the effects of its island status during the Cold War. Until the planned centre at Potsdamer Platz is completed (and most likely not even then), the city will continue to be multi-centred, with the area around Bahnhof Zoo, the Europa-Center and Kurfuerstendamm marking the main economic zone in the West, and the area around Unter den Linden between Friedrichstrasse and Alexanderplatz containing the East's economic activity. Between these centres lies the enormous Tiergarten, a formal royal hunting ground, with the Siegessäule (Victory Column) at its centre and the landmarks of the Reichstag and Brandenburg Gate at its eastern end.

For many though, the real Berlin lies in the cultural avant-garde and bustling nightlife scene, which echoes the city's youthful character and energy. Kreuzberg was the centre of western-style counter-culture when the city was an island, but increasingly it is Mitte (Hackescher Markt) and Prenzlauer Berg districts where the art galleries, cafés, bars, clubs and cabarets - reminiscent of decadent 1920s Berlin - are to be found.

Bars, Nightclubs, Casinos oh my! Berlin is one of Europe's most lively party cities. The East side of the city is where most of the action can be found and there are more bars and cafés here than in any European city - (never forget the Kurferstendamm area also) and you can find somewhere to party 24-hours a day. There are many good places to start your evening, all with numerous bars and a friendly atmosphere. You need to be at least 18 years old to enter bars in the city and nightclubs generally have a small admission charge, and there are no fixed closing times. There are also several casinos in the city that require a form of identification, such as a passport, before you are allowed to gamble.

Berlin is governed by the Senate of Berlin, which consists of the Regierender Bürgermeister (governing mayor) and up to eight senators holding ministerial portfolios. The governing mayor is mayor of the city and representative of the Bundesland (state) at the same time. The seat of office for the Berlin Mayor is the Rotes Rathaus.

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Bust of Nefertiti, Egyptian Museum, Berlin, Germany

Arts & Entertainment

The Bust of Nefertiti is just one of the many objects you can see on the Museum Island
The Museum Island alone is worth a week to two weeks stay here is Berlin.
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  • 1237 First documentary mention of Cölln (Berlin's sister town)
  • 1618–48 The Thirty Years' War left the two towns devastated and ravaged. Population of Berlin/Cölln: 6000
  • 1740–86 Under Friedrich II the Great Berlin rises to a European metropolis
  • 1806 Napoleon conquers Berlin
  • 1871 Berlin becomes capital of the Deutsches Reich. Economy booms and the city's population surpasses 1,000,000
  • 1920–29 In the "Golden Twenties" Greater Berlin with its almost four million inhabitants develops a myth of art and culture
  • 1936 The Olympic Games are performed in Berlin
  • 1939–45 World War II. 50,000 inhabitants die of allied bombings, every second apartment (more than 600,000) is destroyed
  • 1948 Berlin Blockade. The "Air Lift" supplies the city
  • 1961 Construction of the Wall between West and East Berlin
  • 1989 Fall of the Berlin Wall
  • 1991 Berlin as capital of reunified Germany is appointed for residence of the Federal Government
  • 19.4.99 First session of the Bundestag in the reopened Reichstag's building
  • 30.4.01 With the new Bundeskanzler's Office opening, the government's relocation to Berlin continues.
Holiday Inn Berlin City - West

Holiday Inn Berlin City - West

Welcome at the 4 star hotel HOLIDAY INN BERLIN CITY-WEST in Berlin. The hotel is located very close to the airport Tegel TXL, the fairground Messe Berlin and the ICC, the Kurfurstendamm in the city centre and castle Charlottenburg. Everything can be reached within 15 minutes by public transport. We also offer a shuttle service to the airport Tegel, daily from 06.30am until 10.00pm available on request. Just give us your flight details and we will pick you up. The modern 4-star-hotel - which is in close proximity to Siemens, BMW or Vattenfall headquarters - offers 336 comfortable double rooms and suites, including 247 non-smoking rooms. All rooms are equipped with LCD TV s, air conditioning, double-glazed windows, telephone, pay-TV, radio and WiFi & High Speed Internet Access.Relax in the indoor pool with sauna and our new fitness room. Our ? la carte restaurant 'Il Faggio' or the 'Intermezzo' offer a wide range of regional and international specialities. 24h room service is available as well. Fourteen modern meeting rooms with natural daylight offer state of the art technical equipment - the best place to live your ideas hosting up to 900 delegates. We are looking forward to welcome you at the Holiday Inn Berlin City-West

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